The video gaming industry has undergone a significant transformation, offering a fresh avenue for storytelling and an escape from the mundane routine of everyday life. With the ability to play as enchanting creatures such as Elves and possess extraordinary powers that surpass one's imagination, video games offer limitless possibilities. Solar smash is an example of this. Solar smash is a mobile game available on iOS and the Google Play Store. It’s not natively running on PC, but we will explain to you how to play Solar Smash on PC.

Some video games, such as the God of War franchise, allow players to assume the role of a deity, while others grant them the power to annihilate entire planets. It's no surprise that many people crave the sensation of godliness occasionally. These thrilling games provide an opportunity to prepare for a catastrophic, apocalyptic event on an unimaginable scale.

The best games are:

1. Solar smash

Solar Smash is a mobile game that takes you on a thrilling interplanetary adventure, dedicated to providing you with heaps of fun by melting down planets. It is a planet destruction simulator game that can be downloaded as an app on both Apple and Android platforms.

 The game offers an extensive collection of destructive weapons, such as missiles, lasers, and meteor showers, to obliterate planets of your choice, be it Earth or Saturn. As you sit back and enjoy, you can watch the whole destruction process from multiple angles and even trigger the sun to create a supernova event. 

With Solar Smash, you can unleash your inner villain and make the Death Star look like child's play. Solar Smash game can be played on PC with the help of Bluestack emulator or Nox Emulator.

2. Planetary Annihilation: Titan

The title of the game, Planetary Annihilation: Titans, provides a clear indication of its objective, which is to establish dominance over the universe by conquering planets and defeating opponents. The game offers an array of colossal combat units and immensely powerful weapons that will assist you in achieving this mission, ultimately leading to your control of the entire solar system. 

Additionally, the game features a 'Smash Planets' feature, which allows you to obliterate any planet using lasers, and the Ragnarok Titan can divide planets into pieces, opening up endless possibilities for players.

3. Star Wars: Empire At War

One of the top RTS games set in space is Star Wars: Empire at War, released in 2006. This game lets you play the role of a Julius Caesar-like figure in charge of building an intergalactic empire. You can either align yourself with the Empire or fight against it as part of the Rebellion, with the ultimate goal of dominating the entire galaxy. 

As the commander of the Death Star, you have the power to destroy planets with ease, allowing you to crush your enemies and claim victory for your chosen cause. Along the way, you'll encounter a cast of beloved characters, including Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, and experience endless adventure and chaos.

4. Interplanetary

In this science-fiction turn-based strategy game, you must fight for the survival of your home planet against other players and planets. Your success not only depends on defeating your opponents but also on managing your home planet and equipping it with the best weapons. Your home planet may turn against you, adding to the challenge and requiring vigilance. Interplanetary is a survival-of-the-fittest race where you can conquer or destroy other planets to expand your control. Melting down planets can be particularly enjoyable.

5. Stellaris

Stellaris is a vast and complex strategy simulation game that takes place in an expansive galaxy filled with a wide variety of alien species to encounter. One of the game's most intriguing features is the ability to engage in massive intergalactic conflicts and even annihilate entire planets using the fearsome 'Colossus' weapon, which is part of the Apocalypse expansion pack. Whether you choose to use this weapon frequently or sparingly will depend on the type of space commander you aspire to be, whether you favor tyrannical or altruistic tactics. Regardless of your approach, the potential to destroy entire worlds makes for an alluring prospect.

6. Endless Space 2

In this multiplayer strategy game, Sega's Endless Space 2, you have the opportunity to become the leader of your civilization and guide them to unparalleled success through intergalactic exploration, conquest, and warfare. With the ability to construct your empire on multiple planets and embark on exciting quests, this game offers a thrilling adventure. Additionally, you can unleash powerful weapons like 'The Behemoth' to annihilate entire star systems, making it possible to go beyond the destruction of a single planet and instead conquer the entire galaxy. Take the reins and lead your civilization to greatness in Endless Space 2.

7. Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox offers an opportunity to delve into the vast expanse of space with a physics and gravity simulator. The game offers a highly immersive experience with added elements such as gravity and climate conditions. Players can cause colossal destruction to entire planetary systems by creating solar flares or observing a supernova event. Additionally, one can craft their very own galaxy, complete with an infinite number of planets and stars. For those who enjoy destruction, the game also provides the option to melt down the entire galaxy for entertainment purposes.


This article explained about different types of games that Actually Let You Blow Up A Planet .We explained about different planet destruction game. Solar smash is one of the best among this.